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Excavation had always been an integrated service in any construction project. However, nowadays, this excavation process is being used during landscaping or property remodelling work. Hiring an excavation service becomes even essential if you are willing to prepare a swimming pool or an under-house space within your property. Our skilled labours and engineers know how to proceed with the Excavation Sydney work. We at Sydney Tree & Garden have adequate tools to carry out the excavation work in a very safe process without disturbing the neighbourhood. We also adhere to the government laws and ensure the process is legal and safe.

Types of Excavation Sydney services needed during renovation

Excavation serves different purposes and thus classified according to the purposes. We have a certified and insured team and we are working for more than 25 years to meet the exact need of excavation either for repair, replacement, installation, demolition or maintenance of landscaping projects. Here are a few excavation services in Sydney used solely for landscaping or property remodelling purposes:

  • Topsoil Excavation

Excavation of topsoil is the process to remove the layer of soil that is exposed on the earth’s exterior. This part is essential to remove when some landscaping task will be conducted on the ground. Soil is moved due to two major reasons:

    • To remove the decaying part of the soil that can lead to soil erosion
    • To remove the part of the soil that is unfit to hold any new structure/ construction

The professionals from our pool excavation Sydney service take care of the excavation process to ensure a proper structure can be established easily.

Sydney Best Excavation Services Professioanl Excavation Services
  • Earth or underground Excavation

During construction of building or under-house space, earth excavation is carried out. We carry out the process in a very technical manner so that the existing establishments are not damaged. Special attention is needed to ensure safety of people living in the property. During excavation, it is always mandatory to check the condition of soil and soil layers for successfully performing the task. Special attention is given during the process if there is existing underground gas pipeline or drainage system in the area. The construction of a swimming pool or pond inside the landscaped area is done through earth excavation process by our expert excavation Sydney professionals. We have designated tools to perform the task. As these services need a lot of expertise and time, the cost becomes a little bit high. We try to minimise the price as much possible and plan the excavation at an affordable rate.

  • Rock Excavation

The rock excavation process needs heavy machineries as this is the most difficult among all excavation techniques. We as excavation contractors in Sydney know well how to perform the task and thus during the work, for safety measures, evacuate the property, if needed. For removal of big chunks of rock, we need to follow blasting technique at times. Our experienced and licensed team work on the process under safety norms. Explosives usage are limited and used when there is no alternative option is there. Our team will visit your site and can get you a FREE quote for such excavation process. If you are looking an authentic and reasonable service near me, then we at Sydney Tree & Garden can be the best solution.

  • Muck Excavation

Muck is referred to the combination of soil and water. The muck can make things difficult to construct any establishment or landscape inside the property. If you are looking for a proper landscaping work at your residential or commercial plot then mucks should be removed at the primary stage. We have excellent knowledge of such excavation and can perform it at most achievable price.

  • Stripping

When a large area needs to be examined or mapped, the very first task would be to clean the area. Cleaning includes removal of debris, bushes, heaps of soil, uneven top soil, stones, and gravels and so on. Such unevenly exposed soil and rocks hinders in getting the exact calculation of the area or hinders in proper designing of a landscape. Our team performs the stripping service so that a clear ground can be delivered to carry further works.

  • Footing excavation

Footing excavation, i.e. removing the foundation of a structure is also done by us. If such a footing structure is obstructing the construction of new set up then technically this should be dealt. We have engineers who are qualified and experienced enough to handle such complex works.

If you are in need of a well-recognised service for your property, then you can contact our Excavation Sydney service. Our phone number 0406 195 478 is always available so that you can reach us anytime. We at Sydney Tree & Garden have a dedicated team to resolve all your queries regarding excavation, landscaping, and tree-removal service and so on. We can assure you that our price proposal will be the best in the industry.


Sydney Garden and Landscaping is awesome! They made the process of implementation super easy and have been available to answer any questions that we have had. We saw results immediately and are very excited to be working with Sydney Garden and Landscaping!

Milton - Pymble

This company has just finished paving around our house and did our retaining wall. We cannot recommend the team highly enough for the quality of work done. Thank you

Romsey - Macquarie

You guys have worked superbly. Our gardens new turf has never looked this amazing and after finishing the whole area was cleared and swept - it could not be better, we are extremely pleased and thankful

MacGregor - Jordans spring

Sydney Garden & Landscaping did an amazing job transforming our garden with a new fence and decking. Extremely professional and polite. It was a pleasure using them

Matthew - Ryde

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