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Retaining walls, which are a part of beautiful landscape, can, at times, become a nightmare for owners. The long-sloping driveway or your backyard might look amazing, but if you are not aware about how to protect it, then lots of difficulties are about to come up soon. We professionals from Retaining Walls Sydney know how painful it can be when such sloping driveway collapses all of a sudden during heavy rain or some other issues. In such condition, you need to create a retaining wall that will support the natural structure from erosion. Sydney Tree & Garden, with more than 25 years of experience in the field, can help you out with major safety measures by constructing different walls and make the stairways, sloping driveway or lawn safe from eroding.

Retaining Walls Sydney solution for your adequate problem

We apply different techniques for constructing retaining wall in your premises. During our landscaping work, we give special attention to the designing. If retaining walls need to be established to strengthen the natural slope, then we inform the owner about it. At Sydney Retaining Walls service we consider several factors before coming to a conclusion for the establishment. Height of the slope, soil condition, under-grown water source or pipelines, inclination, etc. are major constraints that we consider during our initial work.

Construction work of retaining walls by Retaining Walls Sydney

We at our company prepare a design and based on that cost for the structural establishment is prepared. If you are looking for an affordable service near me, then we at Sydney Garden and Landscaping can help you with our quote. The construction should be done by licensed professionals in order to establish a well-engineered wall with aesthetic appeal. The structure should be able to withhold pressure, control erosion, natural calamity and preserve the underground water level. A well-calculated and methodological approach is essential for the establishment. Also, special attention needs to be given in the selection of material for the walls. Some of the types of retaining walls are:

  • Using railroad crosstie

Railroad crosstie is a very sturdy structure used for establishment of retaining wall. However, special care needs to be taken during the installation. A substantial footer will be required during placing of railroad ties to prevent sliding from below. The structure should go deep inside the ground, and at least 1.5 times of the height of the part which is exposed outside. As most of the time the railroad crosstie are made or timber our Retaining walls Contractor in Sydney also perform special treatment for termite infestation.

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  • Concrete structure

Concrete are considered best materials for retaining wall in any location. We Retaining walls landscaper can offer you different designs to choose from for your sloping lawn. There is a common myth that concrete walls are not appealing, but our company can rest assure you that even concrete retaining walls can blow away your mind. Concrete are most durable and structural strong material. Sealing the concrete from water blockage is even easy.

  • Brick or rock made retaining walls

We also treat rock similarly for retaining wall structure. If your landscape demands a rock or brick-made structure, we can happily work on it. Such materials are classy, durable and hold sophisticated display when constructed along the space. Though this is looks traditional, yet people are more lured towards rock made retaining walls.

  • Treated wood for the walls

Many-a-times, customers go with treated wood structure of retaining wall. Treated wood augments the aesthetic presence, but there lies risk of termite infestation or water damage. Even if the woods are treated well, it might collapse if not proper designing is done from footer. The footer structure should always be of concrete to avoid major damages. Our engineers from Retaining Walls Sydney use to take care of drains or weep holes during the construction in order to prevent water blockage behind the wall.

  • Blocks for the structure

We also work on engineered blocks or pre-structured concrete blocks to construct the wall. These look beautiful when placed in a decorative pattern. Concrete blocks ads to visual effect when our skilled team work for a proper establishment. However, for any type of wall structure it is vital to ensure a proper drainage system. Proper drainage not only allows proper water flow, but also prevents back pressure on the walls. In certain places, during winter water freezes and can put a huge pressure on the firm structure, but presence of proper draining can negotiate the pressure and keep the structure steady.

We Retaining Walls Sydney service provider are completely reliable, fully licensed and insured. You can anytime opt for our FREE Site visit but there is no obligation to accept the service. If you like our upfront pricing and experienced service, then you can book us on 0406 195 478 or you can mail us on our Sydney Tree & Garden official mail id.


Sydney Garden and Landscaping is awesome! They made the process of implementation super easy and have been available to answer any questions that we have had. We saw results immediately and are very excited to be working with Sydney Garden and Landscaping!

Milton - Pymble

This company has just finished paving around our house and did our retaining wall. We cannot recommend the team highly enough for the quality of work done. Thank you

Romsey - Macquarie

You guys have worked superbly. Our gardens new turf has never looked this amazing and after finishing the whole area was cleared and swept - it could not be better, we are extremely pleased and thankful

MacGregor - Jordans spring

Sydney Garden & Landscaping did an amazing job transforming our garden with a new fence and decking. Extremely professional and polite. It was a pleasure using them

Matthew - Ryde

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