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Landscaping enhances the aesthetic appeal of any property, irrespective of its design and location. Once you are done with interior designing, you have to focus on the outdoor space which might not be well organized. The first thing that comes in mind during restoration of your lawn and backyard is landscaping. So, in order to make the structural alterations in the entire outdoor portion, you have to hire a Landscaping Sydney service for unmatchable result. We at Sydney Tree & Garden are known to be the most prominent service provider with 25+ years of unparalleled experience. We focus on providing the best quality and affordable landscaping package for our clients.

Top-quality Landscaping Sydney service at your convenience

Whenever you need any sort of assistance regarding landscaping service in Sydney, we are there to help you out. We cater to residential as well as commercial projects with efficiency. We, in our landscaping service, cover all the detailing during the course of work. Here is what we usually do:

Designing your open space

Our dedicated team for landscaping, during the primary investigation, inspects the outdoor space and come up with different models or designs to choose from. Once the design is finalized, we come up with most affordable rates so that it fits your pocket. Our Landscaper in Sydney offers FREE Site visit and have no obligation on quotations. If you wish to go ahead with the designing, we will do the needful.

Soft and hard landscaping

As a reputed Landscaping Sydney service provider, we offer both types of landscaping services, i.e. soft landscaping and hard landscaping. Hard landscaping refers to the construction of the hard elements during a landscaping work. Our professional team works according to the pre-approved design and craft a sense on the barren land. Structures with rocks, masonry works or setup with stones are prime elements in hard landscaping. Sydney hard Landscaping team ensures that the outdoor living space is given the best possible modifications along with controlling factors like soil erosion and function of drainage system. As landscaping is a long-term establishment, these factors are very important to consider. During the work, our prime duty remains not to disturb the underground water and gas pipeline. Our dedicated team confirms about these two factors during the inspection work.

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Visual impact

Visual impact is undoubtedly essential for any landscaping projects. Our team emphasises on the visuals so that it look homely in a residential project and professional in any corporate project. And only an experienced provider can help you get an elegant visual impact. So while choosing landscaper near me, you have to stress on the experience of the company. What makes the visual impact more elegant? Here is a list of it:

  • Beautifully curved pathway
  • Well-trimmed hedges
  • Location of patio pond
  • Selection of structural elegance and positioning
  • Lush green lawns
  • Well-designed outdoor living space
  • Vibrant flower bed
  • Trimmed branches of big trees and selection of palm trees

Environmental impact

Our scientifically designed landscaping work emphasises on environment and ecological balance. Besides preparing a green surrounding, we work on prevention of soil erosion. The engineered work by our Landscaping Sydney service is completely reliable. Also, we hold licence and insured service so that our clients remain rest assured about the work. A proper landscape reduces noise, trims down air pollution, balances ecology, cools down the area, enhances water filtration properties of soil, and so on.

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Stress on water restoration

Our landscaping Contractor in Sydney also highlights on water restoration work. Presence of a small water-body located inside the premises has a deep impact on the entire landscaping work. During our soft landscaping work we work on preservation of the water-body and during hard landscaping our work is to establish a firm construction so that the water-body/ pond does not get further damage. Hard landscaping also works wonder to prevent soil erosion. If there is no water-body present in the open space, then our team design a water source during our initial course of work. The source of water is a vital point to consider in any site.

Maintenance of the landscaped area

Professional landscaping service not only works to redesign the vacant space, but at the same time establishes a green space around you. While you hire our Landscaping Sydney service, you have to consider the maintenance part as well. Thus, ask for the quote accordingly. Cost is a significant factor and we at Sydney Tree & Garden keep costing as low as we can. This not only helps our clients in accepting the service, but allows peace of mind. Our maintenance service includes trimming of hedges, periodic garden care, potting of seasonal flowering plants, Lawn trimming and shrub trimming and removing weeds. Also, there are multiple other works during the course of work, which our professionals handle efficiently.

Definitely our Landscaping Sydney service is value for money. If you wish to have a detailed conversation with Sydney Tree & Garden, then you can call us on 0406 195 478 or place your query online.


Sydney Garden and Landscaping is awesome! They made the process of implementation super easy and have been available to answer any questions that we have had. We saw results immediately and are very excited to be working with Sydney Garden and Landscaping!

Milton - Pymble

This company has just finished paving around our house and did our retaining wall. We cannot recommend the team highly enough for the quality of work done. Thank you

Romsey - Macquarie

You guys have worked superbly. Our gardens new turf has never looked this amazing and after finishing the whole area was cleared and swept - it could not be better, we are extremely pleased and thankful

MacGregor - Jordans spring

Sydney Garden & Landscaping did an amazing job transforming our garden with a new fence and decking. Extremely professional and polite. It was a pleasure using them

Matthew - Ryde

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